Community Engagement

Churches carry out the Elevate model by playing one of two key roles: A NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH is one within an at-risk neighborhood that actively loves their neighbor in tangible ways while building relationships that lead to an opportunity to talk about deeper, more life changing things. These churches are assisted by PARTNER CHURCHES located outside the at-risk neighborhood. The Elevate model thrives on individual and organizational relationships with elementary schools, and local government officials.


Both types of “Elevate” churches share the Gospel by building relationships with their neighbors, first by meeting the felt needs of kids in low-income elementary schools. Through the kids, volunteers earn the trust of their families, where they show the love of God in ongoing friendship sometimes lasting years.


Neighborhood churches are assisted through partnerships with Partner Churches outside the neighborhood, along with Para-Church Organizations in the city. Elevate also partners with local government leaders such as the mayor and city school district officials.

Elevate Helps Create Community

Elevate wants to reduce socio-economic segregation and over time reduce poverty. Elevate will create community by bringing people together, through volunteerism in lower income neighborhood schools, community events, and more personalized interactions, each tailored to the needs of each family. To date Elevate has recruited and trained congregations for meaningful engagement in schools with higher free and reduced lunch populations. Elevate Lives has also organized more than 25 relational based neighborhood events where they have helped build community as well as distributed resources to low-income households. These events laid a foundational connection between neighborhood families and Elevate partners.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The best way to build strong communities is to empathetically build relationships with our neighbors. There are real people facing real challenges right next door. Through our Neighbors Helping Neighbors initiatives, we are able to connect local Churches to people in their communities. Families searching for resources, friendship, and most importantly Jesus. Elevate Lives provides training to local churches to meet the tangible needs of their neighbors. From removing debris, to painting, and basic repairs, meeting tangible needs when coupled with purposeful interaction leads to lasting relationships and transformed communities.


Through our strategic partnerships with government and community organizations, we are able to serve as a conduit for resources that are vital for thriving communities. Our resource center prioritizes community needs and seeks out available resources. Elevate Lives provides the resources so the local church can continue to build relationships. We serve as a distribution point to allow churches to come, gather resources and get back into their communities. Through our partnerships with other local organizations, we are able to leverage the resources and programs within our city to most prominently impact our neighbors.

Community Mobilization

Strategic partnerships are key to success in any community. One organization doesn’t have all the answers, but they have a very important piece of the puzzle. Elevate Lives puts the pieces together. We want to ensure that Churches and Community Organizations are working together, utilizing their unique skill sets and resources. Elevate Lives focuses on the big picture so that specialty organizations can use their skills without having to worry about the logistics, the details that often seem insurmountable. We create teams with the best players, to ensure communities thrive.

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